This module allows the user to manage ail information related to the time-sheet as well as the various stages of validation and invoicing. Many statistics are avail-able, including productivity analysis.


The program was designed to facilitate capture in particular by making it possi­ble to define recursive tasks and to duplicate data.


The main functionalities of this module are:

  • Free choice of the units of time (hour, minute, 6 minutes, day, etc.).
  • Ability to set a specific tariff per each unit of time or task.
  • Single determination of tariffs with the ability to manage exceptions by employee, department, profit center,     task, customer or a combination of any of these parameters.
  • Ability to assign standards labels to the various services.
  • Ability to restrict services for each user, customers, etc.
  • Setting up tariffs in many currencies in the case of several profit centers.
  • Capture and online updating of ail files.
  • Management of outlays related to the time sheet.
  • Several possible naming for the same capture (for internal use, for the cus­tomer, the invoicing, etc.).
  • Management of fixed prices, budgets and variations.
  • Possibility of Connecting Time sheet to telephone exchanges to collect information concerning calls (customer, duration, outlays, etc.).
  • Provide various lists and statistics.
  • Integrated list generator allowing the user to easily specify new queries.
  • Integration with monthly or automatic invoicing (debtor invoicing).
  • Etc…