Our services


Employees of our team ‘Support’ have, on average, more than 10 years of seniority in our company. They all gained experience not only in technology but also and especially in the functional knowledge of our solutions.


The training is provided by qualified employees (more than 15 years of experience). It is adapted to the specific needs of our clients, thus ensuring flexibility.
It can be provided by a tele-training.
This training can be given in English or French


In order to optimize the installation, implementation and configuration of our software, our staff, through their skills and experience, advise you to define the process and planning work to be done.


Our IT department can:

  • Adapt our standard products to various technical and / or functional evolutions
  •  Analyse and develop complementary programs addressing the specific needs of our clients.

Our company can develop different types of interfaces:

  • Banking interfaces :
    • Our solution CONCEPT Processus  enables to interfaces transactions, periodic portfolio statements, securities, securities prices, exchanges rates coming from a lot of different banks.
  • DMS Interfaces :
    •  The document management proposed in the CONCEPT solutions can be integrated with an external Document System Management / Archiving such as THEREFORETM software marketed by CANON Interface (already used by many of our clients).
  • Multi-check compliance
    • This module allows you to interface automatically and compare all of your data (persons, entities, contacts, leads, etc..) with one or more external data sources (Black-lists). It is a valuable aid for the proper execution of your compliance duty.