CRM/XRM “eXtended Relationship Management”


This module enables you to manage, inquire and retain all data for the various parties involved in this activity :

  • Client families
  • Banks
  • Beneficial owners and other stakeholders
  • Various parties (Self-regulatory associations, auditors, etc.)
  • Prospects
  • Etc.

Amongst all the information maintained in this module, we would like to underline :

  • Administrative management of companies, trusts, foundations, etc.
  • Identities, addresses, contacts
  • Information on mandates signed with:
    • Families
    • Depositories
  • Description and valuation of other assets (real estate, work of arts, insurances, planes, boats etc.)
  • Management of all related documents. This management can also be integrated with an external system of electronic document management (DMS), like for example the software THEREFORE™, marketed by CANON. (Interface already used by several clients)
  • Management of tasks and deadlines
  • Monitoring of relations (client meeting reports, events management)
  • Definition of the client families investment profile
  • Definition of terms agreed with depositories and any retrocession
  • Time management which allows you to manage specific or recurring tasks as well as deadlines to which they may be linked.

Many automatic links exist. These include :

  • Expiry date of legal documents
  • Expiry date of mandates
  • Appointments and visits to customers
  • Etc.

It is also possible to define additional fields and combine them into custom pages.