Securities accounting


Securities accounting is a module complementary to financial accounting.

It enables the user to:

  • Link one or more security portfolios to specific accounts.
  • Keep inventory of the positions by depositary location.
  • Calculate for each one of the positions the cost price at purchase as well as in the currency in which the security has been issued as in the basic bookkeeping currency.
  • Bring out automatically at the time of each transaction the result (gain or loss of the transaction and the exchange balance).
  • Generate and record automatically entries in the financial accounting.
  • Estimate periodically portfolios and display results which have not yet been realised, with the option of entry into the accounts, etc.

This module enables you to make estimates in different currencies as well as to carry out various analysis.

Some other options which can be added are:

  • Management of fix deposit, fiduciary deposit, loans and borrowings.
  • Management of FOREX (Spot, Forward, Swap).
  • Management of coupons and dividends.
  • Portfolio consolidation
  • Performances
  • Investment Policy