A reporting tool enables to define its own models

  • The user can define its own models:
    • A model is a collection of texts or graphics objects defined by the user
    • An object can be used in many models
    • A model can be used for one or several clients
    • The number of models is not limited
  • The user can adapt the reporting according to:
    • The knowledge of the client
    • The language of the client
    • ….

                          by himself

  • It is possible to separate the definition of the models and their use:
    • Secure access to the definition of the models
  • It’s possible to archive the generated reports in the database
    • Secure access to the clients reports
  • The reports are based:
    • Either on the transactions
    • Or on the periodic statements
    • Or both
  • The reporting can include the real estates but the other assets like :
    • Real estates
    • Artwork
    • Insurances
    • Airplane
    • Yacht
    • Loans
    • ……

Following the releases of CONCEPT or the evolution of Microsoft EXCEL, the user will get new reporting capabilities