The aim of this module is the rationalization and the automation of this activity as well as providing an effective follow-up of the accounts.

This module enables to manage manually or automatically, the different methods of invoicing (fixed fees,  time sheets, ….) used in the management of companies, trusts,…

The principal functionalities are:

  • Multi-currency: the invoices can be issued in various currencies.
  • Multi-companyCONCEPT TrusteeTM can be used to issue invoices of various companies. Thus, it is possible to invoice from only one office activities generated in several countries as well as activities of customers having a commercial activity.
  • Multi-profit-centers: this functionality makes possible to charge invoicing through differ­ent profit-centers.
  • Integrated management of the VAT or similar taxes
  • Mirror posting:  this program makes it possible to forward entries generated by invoicing through a profit-center to the invoiced com­panies, allowing an automatic recording in their respective accounts.
  • Custom definition of invoicing templates

Prices and fixed rates for services can be determined generally, but can also take into consideration various specifications by currency, jurisdiction, type of entity, profit-center, customer, group of customers, frequency and periodicity, etc.

The base for invoicing can also be defined in a fixed or variable way (for exam­ple, according to assets and loans. A function allows at any time the valuation of the total assets held by a customer or an entity.


The management of outlays guarantees reliable re-invoicing, thereby avoiding significant loss of earnings. In order to solve this problem, CONCEPT TrusteeTM includes a specific module, related to the invoicing and creditors programs, for collecting invoices received from correspondents. The main functionalities of this program are:

  • Multi-currency management of outlays including re-invoicing in a different currency.
  • Management of outlay invoices to be divided among several entities.
  • Management of outlays which cannot be re-invoiced (to take account of this cost in calculating profitability by entity/customer).
  • Module integrated in particular into invoicing, debtor account keeping and financial accounting.
  • Manual or automatic re-invoicing of outlays.
  • Management of the payment of outstanding creditors’ invoices after col­lecting the invoices sent to the customers.