This module allows you to:

  • Define your own criteria of risks and allocate a scale of values (numerical and qualitative) with a weighting factor when necessary
  • Define levels of risk by countries
  • Set up for each entity and / or each individual, the value of each of the criteria defined above
  • Edit consolidated reports or not, presenting the results in quantitative and / or qualitative form.



This solution allows the user to manage customer files (“KYC” Know Your Client ) by taking account of the main recommendations and regulations relating to money laundering (AML or similar legislations).

Mandate contract:

A database allows the user to keep all the information relating to the mandates including:

  • History of the relationship and of the significant events of the relationship with the customer.
  • Economic background of the customer.
  • Management of documentation and of tasks to be performed or carried out.
  • Field of activities of the customer.
  • Management of individuals (true beneficiary, co-contracting party, princi­pal, representatives, intermediates, etc.) and of the connections with entities (foundation, trust company, etc.).
  • Management of individuals indirectly related to the mandate (introducer).
  • Submission of the mandate to the AML.

A complete and no modifiable history of this information is safeguarded.

Procedures of work and decisions

It is possible to configure the program according to the internal procedures and organization of your company:

  • Procedures and criteria for acceptance of mandates.
  • Circulation of information, in particular of internal messages.
  • Automatic procedure for sending messages or warnings when anomalies are detected by the System.
  • Configuration of actions to be carried out by the System during automatic procedures (For example: the detection by the System of an unusual amount or of a politician can lead to the automatic suspension of the mandate, the sending of a message to the compliance officer and/or to per-sons designated for this purpose, etc.).
  • Procedure to control validity and absence of documents essential to the preliminary acceptance of the mandate and to its later management. Management of preliminary tasks to be carried out when accepting the mandate and later during its execution. Hierarchical management of the status of the mandate (active, suspended, terminated).
  • Management of possible decisions according to the status of a mandate.

Hierarchical management of the decisions makers according to the status of the mandate

Control and compliance functions

In this part, it is possible to define parameters and control procedures:

  • Criteria, periodicity and procedures of revaluation of the mandate.
  • Limits of amount or volume for detection of unusual operations.
  • Detection of unusual transactions or groups of such transactions.
  • Procedure to check the absence of essential or compulsory documents (copy of passport, letters of reference, certificate of residence, etc.).



This module gives you the facility:

  • To interface and automatically compare all your data (persons, entities, contacts, prospects etc.) with one or more sources of external data (Black-lists). This is a very valuable aid for the proper execution of your duty of compliance.
  • To conduct multi criteria search form (name, alias, country of residence etc.). Such research can be done on an individual basis (looking for a name for example) or global.
  • To print the results of this research or to save them in the database.
  • The System includes centralized management of individuals. This file includes much specific information concerning the identity, contacts, residence, nationality and risks, as well as a management of scanned docu­ments (passport copies, signatures, references, etc.).



It is possible, through the audit trail:

  • To easily check all creations, modifications, deletions, enquiries or printings made by users.
  • Reconstitute and verify the sequence of events that led to a result.
  • To improve security while facilitating internal control.