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This module includes all the information relating to the assets of clients.


Therefore, it allows the users to:

  • Periodically evaluate client portfolios.
  • Consolidate the various portfolios for one or more clients.
  • Define and monitor asset allocation strategies.
  • Control at any time the client positions depending on the investment strategy chosen by them or defined in the framework of a management mandate.
  • Define and control the conditions agreed with the custodians
  • Calculate the retro-cessions received from funds and reallocate them to the clients according to the  contracts.
  • Hold details of all securities transaction, Foreign Exchange (Forex), and investments (term deposits, fiduciary deposits, loans), etc. ..
  • Keep inventory positions for each custodian.
  • Calculate the cost price for each Stock position in the currency of the title as well as in the reference currency of the clients.
  • Evaluate the positions using different pricing sources.
  • Bring out automatically the results on each transaction (profit & loss realized on the transaction and exchange rate).
  • If necessary, generate and record automatically entries in the financial  general  accounting module.
  • Etc…