Our history

Our company was incorporated in 1992, so already more than 30 years.

It is owned by the group founded by CORPORATE PERFORMANCE HOLDING SA – Nyon.

Its management team, professional background such as banking, fiduciary, family office, trust management and data processing, aimed to establish group of services able to provide integrated and customized solutions to companies active in the world of finance, based in Switzerland and / or abroad.

This goal was achieved and our expertise is now recognized for our financial software as well as for our consulting and outsourcing services.

In order to ensure our customers a  LONG TERM vision with our operating companies, a significant part (30%) of the share capital  of Corporate Performance Holding SA was sold to a new entity formed in 2008 under the name PERENNITE HOLDING SA. This company is owned by a number of our employees, who through their commitment, contributed significantly to the development of our group.

Our solutions

Our solutions have been acquired for more than 30 years by swiss and foreign clients installed in more than 10 countries.

Our clients

Currently, they are nearly 70 clients who trust in us (Family office (SFO / MFO), Independent managers / IAM, Trust management companies, Trustees, Brokers).

Our philosophy

Our desire has always been to offer a range of financial software reproducing WORK PROCESSES  to enable our customers to improve their PRODUCTIVITY.