Financial accounting


Due to its flexibility, this solution allows parameterizing of account charts and is suited to keep the accounts of any type of entity, whatever their jurisdiction or legal form.

This program enables you to keep your own accounts as well as accounts of enti­ties managed on behalf of customers.

It consists of a basic module and various options such as:

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-layout
  • Current account
  • Interest calculation
  • Analytical
  • Budget
  • Consolidation
  • Contract management
  • Data export



   Table of result:

  • Free layout of the results: The user can structure his according to his wishes, with his own totals, sub-totals, comparisons, ratios, etc.
  • Calculation of the balance sheet according to entry date or value date.
  • Multi-period, possibility of printing and  of recalculating  results retroactively.
  • Closing and emptying entries with fully automatic forward carrying.

•   Chart of accounts :

  • Multinational, not tied to any legislation, neither with regard to the account structure nor to the chart of accounts or to the layout of the results.


  • Length and structure of the accounts entirely configurable, company by company. An account may comprise from four to 15 alphanumeric and   may be subdivided   into two   or three subsidiary accounts. Example: I000.USD.0I.
  • Possibility of naming accounts in several languages.

   Management of entries :

  • Simple or multiple entries with an unlimited number of transactions on the debit as well on the credit side.
  • Automatic reminder of standard naming.
  • Automatic cancelling of simple or multiple entries.
  • Possibility of lettering.


  • Calculation of the VAT or similar taxes and automatic charging on the accounts «VAT payable» or «Recoverable VAT»  while making entries.
  • Management according to the System of agreed or received benefits.

   Queries / Printing:

  • Many types of queries / printing available (General ledger, trial balance, Account statement, journal, trial balance by reference,…) according to fifteen criteria.


  • Unlimited number of companies.
  • Possibility of creating a new company by copying source data of an existin company (Chart of accounts, table of results, currencies, etc.).
  • Ability to define generic templates


  • Free choice of the basic currency.
  • Method of accounting according to two processes:
  • double currency accounts.
  • foreign currency holdings.
  • Possibility of keeping indefinitely previous exchange rates.
  • Data capture of simple and multiple entries with transactions in several cur­rencies.
  • Automatic calculation of the results of exchange.
  • Possibility of calculating and breaking down the results of exchange by cur­rency or by account.
  • Automatic charging of revaluation entries.
  • Display at any time of the currency holdings and of the results of exchange not yet placed in the account.
  • Possibility of updating rates of exchange.
  • Cross rates calculation.


  • The program enables simultaneous publishing of the results according to the legislations of several different jurisdictions and/or in many languages.
  • Possibility of showing the results in various currencies


  • Integration of accounts of books kept for third parties by grouping in cen­tralisation accounts.
  • Publishing the balances of third parties.


  • Automatic calculation of the interests according to nine different methods.
  • Possibility of readjustment in the event of modification of rates relating to a period which has already been ended.
  • Determination of interest rates per account or currency.
  • Possibility to define rates by amounts level


  • Capture of the budget in a summary table.
  • Ability to export a list of budget preparatory to a spread sheet and then automatically import the budget set up using the spread sheet
  • Annual or periodical budget.
  • Result trend.
  • etc.


  • Possibility of consolidating companies having different basic currencies.
  • Etc.


  • Possibility of determining the result of a contract with budgetary back query and comparison (useful in particular for trading companies).


  • Possibility of exporting data (results, entries, statement of accounts) to a spreadsheet (Microsoft ® Excel.).