Solution intégrée pour les négociants en valeurs mobilières
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CONCEPT Broker covers the main fields of activity of a broker.

It includes several modules allowing a clear separation of the tasks and ensures

automation of many functions enabling links to Euroclear, Cedel. etc.

  • Confirmations (automatic sending of fax, e-mail).
  • Settlement/Delivery
  • Analysis of profit and loss by date, client, trader etc.
  • etc.

Loading of data in the various modules (Front office, Mid office, Back office, Securities accounting and Financial accounting) through only one single entry, therefore avoiding risks of errors and bringing an increase in productivity.

The integrated audit trail can track all entries and changes concerning:

  • Front Office (deals, confirmations etc.).
  • The Back Office (clients settings, securities, settlement, delivery etc.).

Our software is used by many Swiss customers subjected to the LBVM or from the United Kingdom subjected to the FSA.