In order to always better support its clients, Computer Performance Services LTD (CPS), software publisher :

has established an Advisory Board which will be made up of experienced professionals in the fields of asset and trust management.

The first appointment to the CPS Advisory Board took place in the person of:

Madame Christina RIVA

Christina will serve on a CPS committee which will be composed of:

  • Mr. Jean-Régis Mermillod – Managing Director
  • Mrs. Christina Riva – Advisor
  • Mr. Roland Schönauer – Administrator

she will bring her experience of more than 20 years in individual and collective wealth management as well as in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework for financial services in Switzerland ( / / ). The work of the new Committee began in April 2024 and aims to guide the development and improvement of functionalities and services, while listening to the present and future needs of the financial services businesses.